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As a global leader in smartphone and tablet accessories market, Amzer truly believes that students in school, colleges and beyond truly deserve every possible opportunity to learn, observe, grow and succeed. Technology is an essential in today's classroom be it kindergarten or a graduate class - from science laboratory to a colorful art room - technology is omnipresent. Amzer is fully committed to helping teachers and students make the most of their devices, Amzer provides world class innovative products which enhance the learning process and the uplift the atmosphere in a class room. Amzer offers a complete catalog of products to help protect, display and interact with the devices in a classroom.

Enhance The Classroom Experience


Amzer offers wide variety of rugged and certified protection suited for classrooms for both Apple and Android tablets including the Jelly case and ShatterProof screen protector.


Interaction is a key part of learning, Amzer offers products including a wide variety of Styli Pens which stimulate and enhance the interaction of a student and the technology truly making learning fun.


Seeing is an essential part of learning, observation in a student which must be nurtured - Amzer's variety of universal stands, docks and cradles helps the teachers make technology more accessible and observer friendly.


Gadgets require power to fuel the cycle of learning in a classroom - Amzer provides a wide variety of charging and input, output solutions which help keeping all the gadgets in a class room fully powered and ready for use, all the time.

Whatever the need, Amzer has a solution to enhance and contribute in the growth of leaders of tomorrow - to stimulate their passion for learning, contact us for any further inquiry or quotations.
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